Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slowly but surely I am achieving my goal of counting 1000 gifts that God has given to me. 


A pool full of cool water on a hot day

First tomato almost ripe

Holding hands with the nephew as we go feed Dutchess

Soaking in his smiling face as he holds onto Dutch's mane while riding around the pasture

The anticipation of a planned shopping trip with my mom

Grabbing a quick dinner with my bf and my fav kids

Good conversations in the car with bf

Sweet comments on my blog(:

A raise at job #2

Texting with a young girl that I am growing quite fond of

God's way of slowly bring young teens across my path to minister to

A breakfast of strawberries and blueberries (my fav)

The blessing of some good but very cheap hay which makes my horses set for winter

Enjoying the World Cup with my brother

The fact that we are less then 2 months away from the start of football season!!!(:(:

Be back Monday or Tuesday with a new post. There are some interesting things going on between God and I. Maybe I'll be ready to share next week(: I hope everyone has a great weekend and loves on their dad!

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Amber Dawn said...

I just wanted to tell you me and my bible study girls are doing this right now...and...I was thinking of this while I was reading your post. You should make a "button" that others can copy and post onto their blogs...and then we could do link ups each week with our "blessed moments" because I seriously am so encouraged reading these each week and I know they are changing the way I approach my days now...I try and look for all the blessings God shows me in each moment. :)Thank you again for sharing these!