Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adventures with 5 children

Today I am tired.

My usual two cups of coffee are not enough... working on my third now and might keep this up all day.

Thank you Father for coffee... besides it's marvelous capability to give me energy it taste sooo good:) I just love it!!

Yesterday I was a stand-in-mom to five children. I never mind looking after the Pavatt children, they are pretty much my nieces and nephews. It saddens my heart that my "big sis" needs help occasionally. Thankfully medicine has helped her and her flares are not as often anymore but yesterday was a bad day so Kaffer (my name given to me by the at the time 3 yr old KK) to the rescue! We had a fantastic day. We ran into town, picked blackberries, ate snow cones, weeded the front flower beds, and even piled on mom's bed and watched a little t.v., then quickly ate dinner and climbed in the car for church. By the end of the day I was exhausted!! I don't think I am quite ready for a household full of children (at least not

I don't know how you mom's do it. How do you balance discipline with encouragement? I was so exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt like I had been in battle all day. Your emotional state is constantly changing. Firm with child 1, encouraging child 2, comforting child 3, lecturing children 4 and 5, and all the while trying to prepare dinner and review in my head the lesson I'm going to be teaching at church that night. Whew.... can it get more chaotic??

I will say that I learned quit a bit from my adventure... as I always do when I spend any length of time over at that fabulous house.

1. There is something about a good cup of coffee... a comfy chair... a pretty view... and the Word of God early in the morning

2. Sweet cuddles from my fav children make getting up early worth it... no matter what time I went to bed the night before.

3. Every moment is a teaching moment... even making breakfast.

4.Sometimes you have to hurt feelings to get a point across... but it never feels good.

5. The sound of a 4 yr old singing praise to Jesus is amazing!!! Even if she is off key:)

6.I accomplished a great feat: I cleaned up throw-up (without throwing up myself).... maybe I'm closer to being ready to be a mom then I thought(-:

7. Eating snow cones is still a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

8. Cooking dinner, getting rooms cleaned, cleaning kids up for church and planning a lesson for church are all easy to do on their own but all at once makes you feel crazy!

9. There is something very precious about a young boy worrying about his mom.

10. I want to be a mom and I foresee sometime in the future having a family somewhat like this one... however I think that I will be content in my current situation... for today at least(-:


Karen said...

When you become a mom, and I think you will be a fantastic one, you learn that most battles begin on bended knees; that you can not be your child's Holy Spirit; that 'I am sorry' can melt through a stubborn heart and that some days are sno cone worthy (or at least a Sonic blue coconut slushy). This took me years to learn, but you seem to have a head start. Think about all those seeds you are planting in the children's lives you are coming in contact with....=)!
Blessings, Karen

~*Kristina_Marie*~ said...

Thank you for this, Kat. I just found your blog today, but it has already encouraged me so very much! I am gleaning from your experiences--thank you for the lessons.