Saturday, June 16, 2012

Do you remember when you last hit your breaking point?

That hopeless feeling that you can't make it another step without totally falling apart.

When you think your being strong and a picture, the one your walked by a thousand times, it hits to smack in the face and you feel walls crack and water trying to bust through. You take a deep breath and try to swallow the tears but the ten thousand other things that have you worried come to mind and you have to grab the back of a chair to keep from doubling over.

 I know you remember.... how do you forget moments when you feel completely alone in the world, strength all gone, and no one there to step in and save the day?

It's that moment when all you want is to here His voice.... but all you hear is silance.

 The turmoil it causes because your emotions say He's not there but your head knows He is but how do make your emotions line up with your head.

And you find yourself in the place you fear most, unable to move, unable to hold back the tears.

 Then I stare down and find the words recently engraved on my foot.... the ones I fight so hard to ignore but it doesn't come easy.

But when did He promise it would ever be easy.... when did He promise a life without pain and suffering?

His words are simple TRUST. Trust in the Lord.... I see it every day, multiple times a day and still I struggle.

Trust in Me and I will direct your path. What better promise could we get?