Monday, October 22, 2012

A trip to Africa

It was just a few weeks ago..... yet it feels like it was just yesterday that I sat on dirty floors and held the hands of those that had runny noses, dirty feet, and hungry tummy's.

I watched as little girls, still babies themselves, took care of their baby siblings.

I felt the warmth of their hands as they linked their fingers in mine, and as they clung to my arms as I held them.

I remember the tears that flowed that night when so many gave their life to a Savior who cares for them.

I see those sweet faces that eyes lit up as they heard the story, for the first time, about a little shepherd boy who trusted in a big God and defeated a giant that everyone else was afraid of.

I laughed and sang songs with a village of people who had so little.... so little to give yet they gave all they had to a bunch of white people who experienced humbleness in a way that Christ meant for us to experience humbleness.

I met a man.... 92 years and wiser then anyone I know..... Jesus loves me.... the one truth that surpasses all others..... tears in his eyes every single time he said the words.

I came home..... and I've struggled because all I want to do is go back.