Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Counting a multitude of Blessings

October has been such an incredibly busy month.... I sure do hope November settles down, although with the approach of the holidays I doubt that it will. I will say that I love the months of November and December. The holiday season is def one of my favs and I adore Christmas and almost everything that comes with it. However with the added craziness sometimes it is the important things in life that get forgotten.... like for instances.... my quiet time.

Why is it that when life gets busy... when I most need His Word... I cut it out? Am I really that easily persuaded by the enemy? Sadly I guess that I am. The next thing that goes is the counting of blessings. When I stop listening to Him I stop finding Him. No wonder my life has been feeling weird as of late. So here am I confessing all here on this blog, for all to see, mainly for my own eyes, so that I might keep myself accountable. And now for the phrase that my friends and I always say to one another.... just do the next right thing. So I am....... and by the way..... I have reached the half way point of my 1000 gifts(-:



Evenings cool enough for hoodies

New blog layout that has pretty fall colors

All the leaves turning bright colors expressing the creativity of their Maker

A weekend camping trip

A lost flashlight found

Nights spent in a tent... just me and the dog

A whole day spent in the saddle

A long and surprisingly peaceful ride on my Romeo

A short but fun ride on my sweet mare

Sunset ride on a schoolmaster

Yummy camping food

Late night talks with new friends

Learning new things about old sports

Seeing His creation from the back of one of my favorites of His creation

A harsh thunderstorm forcing me to move my tent to the barn where I then fell asleep to the lovely sound of my horses munching away on their hay

Falling asleep to the sound of rain hitting the metal barn roof(-:

Being woken up by that all-to-familiar will-you-get-up-and-feed-me-already nicker from that mare I've had for more then half my life now

The joy of a good winning football weekend

Running errands with my mom talking about life

Surprising my nephew at school

Playing basketball with the nephew

The random statements that a three year old makes

Sitting with friends enjoying a yummy stew

Pondering with a bf about the different between Moses, Jacob, and Joshua (from the OT) and how I wish I was more like Joshua but really I'm a Jacob and sometimes a Moses

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What do I know of Him

It's raining today and I think this....

How much more we appreciate the rain after a season of drought.

The earth has been dry for many months and as the rain falls the trees drink their full.

The Almighty takes care of even the smallest little flower... and it causes my thoughts to wonder back to the topic of His glory.

The pastor has been preaching on this for several weeks now and I seem to be consumed by it.

Isn't that how I should always be? Constantly consumed by the glory of the One who gives me life.

I listen again to the song that seems to be the only one I listen to as of late.

What do I really know of Him?

Is it even possible to understand even a small piece of the One who is Everlasting? Isn't every glimpse of His character just that... a glimpse, an indication of what He might be? Does the Creator allow His creation to see even a speck of His glory? Would I survive if I did see His glory?

His glory is as vast as the ocean and I stand but on the shore, seeing only the small waves that wash over my feet. Just a small dose... after all too much and I would drown.

He reveals His glory like He sends the rain. Sometimes in a steady drizzle, over many days. Sometimes it pours down on me and fills me like a raging river carrying more water then it can hold.

The rain here stops and the sun comes out to shine. But the ground still longs for rain.... the little that fell did not satisfy the longing. 

And that's how I feel after receiving just a mere glimpse of His glory. The little that fell takes away my breath, yet I so desperately want more. 

But like the rain it most stop. For if it does not it will bring about my death for no man can withstand the weight of the fullness of His glory. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Multitude Monday

A few Mondays have come and gone without a single thanksgiving recorded here. It's a sad thing when I get so wrapped up that I can't even take the time to write down a few of the things that my Creator has done for me.

Because He is faithful even when I am not I will continue to count.....


The mercy that is found on the cross

Weekend visit to see baby brother

Hugging baby brother

Watching that little boy grow up into a man

Time with the parents

Phone conversations with a friend who lives away

A football game with my wonderful dad and my sometimes fantastic little brother

Enjoying that enormous Texas stadium

Seeing my "big brother" and "nephew" at that same game

Fellowship with believers who have been walking with Him longer then I have been alive

Sweet homemade gifts from a sweet little one at AWANA'S

Watching God answer prayers that seem to be impossible to fix

Knowing and being reassured that with God ALL things are really possible

Capturing sweet memories with my nephew

Taking time to braid my young horses mane

A trail ride with the old friend

Soaking in God's beauty as I ride through the trees

Cool, crisp, fall mornings

Sweet words whispered from above while in worship to my King

Reassurance from above that I am never really alone

A weekend full of good food and fellowship with people I am just starting to get to know

The blessings that come from taking time to help one who is not yet a believer

Friends who join me in on-your-knees-crying-out-to-the-Lord for a friend who is still blind to His hope

God using that unbeliever to point out the hope that I have and to never underestimate the peace that comes with living every day knowing that He is there and that I have something to live for

His love

His compassion

His mercy

His faithfulness

Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; 
Great is Your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23

Friday, October 15, 2010

Reckless Abandonment

Lying in bed, thinking about Him, searching for ways to be closer… to better know who He is.

I read from His book but still want more… my eyes move to the bookcase across the room.

I make my way and run my hands over all the different spines that fill the shelves. So many choices…..so many voices…..so many words.

Words….I’m so consumed with words. With the power that they have.

I search for words….words from one who has walked before me, from one who is far wiser then I could ever hope to be, one who might shed light on a part of Him that I have yet to find.

My hands stop, hover over a worn copy of a book. One that was given to me in the first few years of my journey here in the real world, in a world that often takes the unexpected turns, in a world where the only way to true happiness is found in the One who is the definition of happiness.

I am not yet ready to share the name of this book...maybe sometime soon...maybe far in the future…..maybe never unless asked.

I carry it back to the bed with me, open the cover and read the note from the wise women who so graciously made it a point to give it to me. The words turn blurry through my tear-filled eyes as I feel His arms wrap around me in a way that is unexplainable. He sends comfort to me in my most favorite way….through words.

Reckless abandonment

Those are the words that He speaks….

Reckless abandonment

That is what He wants from me.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

Recklessly follow Me….recklessly love Me….recklessly leave behind all that you know, all that is comfortable, all that is normal, all that you think will fulfill you.
Leave it all

All of it?

Yes, all of it.

I want it all….all your hopes, all your dreams, all your desires…..all your plans.

I am all you have ever hoped for….I will make your dreams come true….I will fulfill your deepest desires….and I will make all your plans.

But to do so means giving up everything.


“A whole new generation of Christians has come up believing that it is possible to ‘accept’ Christ without forsaking the world.” A.W. Tozer

Following Him with reckless abandonment requires forsaking the world and all that it has to offer.

So few truly understand that following Him cannot be done half-heartedly. He will not be satisfied with just a part of you...He wants all or nothing.

Giving up everything to Him means that I must die….and death is painful.

He promises life, life abundantly. The dreams, the desires, the plans that He offer’s are worth that painful death.

Its not just a religion to follow.

No, He wants more from you then just some religious acts. He wants your heart...my heart.

He wants me to recklessly abandon everything.... and follow Him.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me."
Matthew 16:24

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Update

Hello blogger friends.... I'm afraid the last few weeks have been bad for blogging.

As you know, I am an avid horse lover and I love all things Dressage, Eventing, and Jumping so since the World Equestrian Games (they are our sports biggest event... like even bigger then the Olympics) are going on right here in our country for the first time in history. Since I am poor I cannot be there in person so the 2nd best thing is to watch it live from my computer.... so that my friends is why I have not been here lately :-)

 So now, for a quick update. Today I am on my way to Texas.... which by using my handy dandy iphone I might just be able to update from the road(: I am on my way to see the hogs play my baby brother. He has been gone to tech training for a few months now, and I'm sorta starting to miss him... lol. Nah, I really do miss that kid, and I can't wait to hug him... that is if he will hug his older sister, he is still a teenager so its not cool to hug your siblings yet.

And along with seeing my brother, dad got tickets to the Arkansas vs. A&M game!!!!!!!

I have the BEST dad ever!!!!

He sure knows the way to my heart :-)

I am sooooo excited to see the game... and the best part about it is that it is at Texas stadium... that big HUGE stadium with the ginormous screen. I'm forgetting that it is home to those nasty cowboys (sorry if your a fan but I just cant say much nice about them, except for Felix Jones). It's a wonderful opportunity to experience a small piece of greatness in football.... sigh.... I sure do love fall!!!

Well I got to go pack and get ready to leave so goodbye... for now!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jesus is not crazy

I babysit this sweet little 5 yr old 2 nights a week. Her mommy does not know Him and lives a life full of darkness. I get to love on her little girl, take her to church, and tell her about her Father who loves her. I get to pray over her, with her, and plant seed after seed in her little heart. She loves AWANA'S and I can't even begin to tell you just how important Wed are to her... to me as I care for her. There is not much in this world as precious as a little one reciting words... but not just any words... His Words.

Words are powerful... as I writer I am well aware of this fact, and so are many of you.

His words are powerful but more importantly they are life changing.

Today they might not mean anything to this little girl... but He says that if you hide His word in your heart then He will make it a lamp to your path.

My prayer is of course that through Sparks this little one will come to know Him as her personal Savior... that she will grasp as much as she can the greatness of His love.

I also pray that one day... maybe a long time from now... maybe not....

That one day, when she is older... when she is lost... when she doesn't know which way is up.... when she feels lonely... sad... or unloved....

That on that day she will remember the Words memorized so long ago at the tender age of 5 that He is mighty in power. That for He so LOVED the world that He sent His son. That He loves her. That in her darkest hour it is His light that provides the way out.

She may not ever remember the name of her babysitter but I pray that she reminders that babysitters God.

This sweet little girl already knows that God is great, the maker of all things. She already knows that He loves her and that He made her to be sooooo special. Sparks has been a great tool for us to talk to about the concept of sin and last night we had a great conversation about why Jesus had to die.

Just this morning on the way to meeting her mommy we had this conversation.

Me- "Dually (my roommates dog) is crazy!!"
5 yr old- (laughing) "Yes he is!!"
Me- "And so are we!!"
5yr old- "Yep, we sure are!!"
   - long pause -
5 yr old- "Jesus isn't crazy. God isn't crazy."
Me- "Your right He's not."
5 yr old- "Nope, God is wise."

Theses words warmed my heart. I think that God has some special plans for this little girl.