Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jesus is not crazy

I babysit this sweet little 5 yr old 2 nights a week. Her mommy does not know Him and lives a life full of darkness. I get to love on her little girl, take her to church, and tell her about her Father who loves her. I get to pray over her, with her, and plant seed after seed in her little heart. She loves AWANA'S and I can't even begin to tell you just how important Wed are to her... to me as I care for her. There is not much in this world as precious as a little one reciting words... but not just any words... His Words.

Words are powerful... as I writer I am well aware of this fact, and so are many of you.

His words are powerful but more importantly they are life changing.

Today they might not mean anything to this little girl... but He says that if you hide His word in your heart then He will make it a lamp to your path.

My prayer is of course that through Sparks this little one will come to know Him as her personal Savior... that she will grasp as much as she can the greatness of His love.

I also pray that one day... maybe a long time from now... maybe not....

That one day, when she is older... when she is lost... when she doesn't know which way is up.... when she feels lonely... sad... or unloved....

That on that day she will remember the Words memorized so long ago at the tender age of 5 that He is mighty in power. That for He so LOVED the world that He sent His son. That He loves her. That in her darkest hour it is His light that provides the way out.

She may not ever remember the name of her babysitter but I pray that she reminders that babysitters God.

This sweet little girl already knows that God is great, the maker of all things. She already knows that He loves her and that He made her to be sooooo special. Sparks has been a great tool for us to talk to about the concept of sin and last night we had a great conversation about why Jesus had to die.

Just this morning on the way to meeting her mommy we had this conversation.

Me- "Dually (my roommates dog) is crazy!!"
5 yr old- (laughing) "Yes he is!!"
Me- "And so are we!!"
5yr old- "Yep, we sure are!!"
   - long pause -
5 yr old- "Jesus isn't crazy. God isn't crazy."
Me- "Your right He's not."
5 yr old- "Nope, God is wise."

Theses words warmed my heart. I think that God has some special plans for this little girl.

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