Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What do I know of Him

It's raining today and I think this....

How much more we appreciate the rain after a season of drought.

The earth has been dry for many months and as the rain falls the trees drink their full.

The Almighty takes care of even the smallest little flower... and it causes my thoughts to wonder back to the topic of His glory.

The pastor has been preaching on this for several weeks now and I seem to be consumed by it.

Isn't that how I should always be? Constantly consumed by the glory of the One who gives me life.

I listen again to the song that seems to be the only one I listen to as of late.

What do I really know of Him?

Is it even possible to understand even a small piece of the One who is Everlasting? Isn't every glimpse of His character just that... a glimpse, an indication of what He might be? Does the Creator allow His creation to see even a speck of His glory? Would I survive if I did see His glory?

His glory is as vast as the ocean and I stand but on the shore, seeing only the small waves that wash over my feet. Just a small dose... after all too much and I would drown.

He reveals His glory like He sends the rain. Sometimes in a steady drizzle, over many days. Sometimes it pours down on me and fills me like a raging river carrying more water then it can hold.

The rain here stops and the sun comes out to shine. But the ground still longs for rain.... the little that fell did not satisfy the longing. 

And that's how I feel after receiving just a mere glimpse of His glory. The little that fell takes away my breath, yet I so desperately want more. 

But like the rain it most stop. For if it does not it will bring about my death for no man can withstand the weight of the fullness of His glory. 

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