Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Counting a multitude of Blessings

October has been such an incredibly busy month.... I sure do hope November settles down, although with the approach of the holidays I doubt that it will. I will say that I love the months of November and December. The holiday season is def one of my favs and I adore Christmas and almost everything that comes with it. However with the added craziness sometimes it is the important things in life that get forgotten.... like for instances.... my quiet time.

Why is it that when life gets busy... when I most need His Word... I cut it out? Am I really that easily persuaded by the enemy? Sadly I guess that I am. The next thing that goes is the counting of blessings. When I stop listening to Him I stop finding Him. No wonder my life has been feeling weird as of late. So here am I confessing all here on this blog, for all to see, mainly for my own eyes, so that I might keep myself accountable. And now for the phrase that my friends and I always say to one another.... just do the next right thing. So I am....... and by the way..... I have reached the half way point of my 1000 gifts(-:



Evenings cool enough for hoodies

New blog layout that has pretty fall colors

All the leaves turning bright colors expressing the creativity of their Maker

A weekend camping trip

A lost flashlight found

Nights spent in a tent... just me and the dog

A whole day spent in the saddle

A long and surprisingly peaceful ride on my Romeo

A short but fun ride on my sweet mare

Sunset ride on a schoolmaster

Yummy camping food

Late night talks with new friends

Learning new things about old sports

Seeing His creation from the back of one of my favorites of His creation

A harsh thunderstorm forcing me to move my tent to the barn where I then fell asleep to the lovely sound of my horses munching away on their hay

Falling asleep to the sound of rain hitting the metal barn roof(-:

Being woken up by that all-to-familiar will-you-get-up-and-feed-me-already nicker from that mare I've had for more then half my life now

The joy of a good winning football weekend

Running errands with my mom talking about life

Surprising my nephew at school

Playing basketball with the nephew

The random statements that a three year old makes

Sitting with friends enjoying a yummy stew

Pondering with a bf about the different between Moses, Jacob, and Joshua (from the OT) and how I wish I was more like Joshua but really I'm a Jacob and sometimes a Moses

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Amber Dawn said...

Kat- I have been so busy I haven't even had a chance to read my favorite blogs but I LOVE your new look! And thank you for the comment. Your prayers are SO appreciated. He was such a sweet man and I really hope he makes it to church this SUnday!!