Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gratitiude Monday on Tuesday

 So yesterday was very, very busy! I had my AWANA girls over for our end-of-the-year pizza and ice cream party. It was fantastic!! Then Bek and Steven came over and talked till early morn. Nevertheless blogging did not get done so I am posting my gratitude list a day late. For those of you who are new to my blog the gratitude community is a group counting 1000 gifts. Counting not the gifts given but the gifts received. Teaching myself to look for the small things in life that God gives.I don't want to miss any of His gifts, and writing them down, recording them here develops a habit that draws me closer to my Father.


weekend with the nephew

an answer to pray

the sweetness of my nephew saying "dear God" loudly at church when the pastor says "lets pray"

a great training session on my dream horse

watching my ornery old mare, who I've had for over 10 years, soften up and tenderly carry my nephew around the pasture

unexpected graduation gifts that provide the much needed, much prayed for money to put in savings

a "cool" evening that makes riding in Arkansas bearable

an expected knock on the door, "big brother" waking me up because "big sister" is coming to pick me up to run errands

realizing for the umpteenth time that I really have no control over my life

knowing with a shadow of doubt that He is in complete control of my life

the mystery of God's will

big decision, little decision, God cares about them all

prayer, the amazing tool of communication between lowly man and a Holy God

Sunday night dinner

my wonderful group of friends that are an amazing support group during the trials of life

long walks in the cool summer evenings

stars peeking through the trees reminding me just how small I am and how amazing it is that God can use me to make a difference

pizza party with some wonderful girls that God is going to use to change the world

tomato plants full of potential goodness

flower pots running over with pretty blooms

fun night with great friends

a text from a "little brother" that has been in prayers lately reminding me and deepening the need to keep praying for him

summer softball games

the much anticipation of a little boy who will show his sweet face any day now

air conditioning

The extremely exciting fact that my brother will be home in a week   

holy experience

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