Saturday, June 26, 2010

More gifts to count


An unexpected visit with the nephew

A side job that is more about the blessings then the money

More snuggles with baby Ben

Seeing a friend loving on his little boy

Watching a best friend grow by leaps and bounds as a mom

The grateful feeling when USA finally scored the game winning goal to send them to the next round

A church marquee that says this:
Knowing and not doing 
is the same as 
plowing and not sowing
A Father who remains faithful and sows seeds for me

The slow but steady crawl back towards the safety of His arms

A thunderstorm which provides a much needed relief in this horribly hot weather

My young prima donna of a horse who hates this heat more then I do yet stills puts up with my kisses(:

The heat that males my young horse un-ride-able which forces my attention to my old trusted mare

An unplanned but much needed girls night with two of my best friends

A cool swim on a hot day

The warm sun on my skin after a good swim

Money left over even after rent and bills are paid

Fresh home-grown blueberries

A turkey sandwich with slices of my first tomato fresh off the vine

Snow cones on a hot day with my favorite 8 yr old

holy experience

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