Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The beauty of grace

Okay, so as you know from reading some of my previous posts, I have been just a tad bit rebellious..... okay.... maybe really rebellious. My "big sis" won't let me continue, which is a good thing but kinda annoying. My attitude totally reflects my rebellion so needless to say it's been a bit ugly. Sorry to all of you who have to endure my presence as of late. I promise I'm working on it.

So Sunday I made the decision to change my attitude and I won't lie it's been tough. When Paul writes to the Romans about the evil I do not want to do- I keep on doing, I know exactly what he is talking about. Sunday night after I left "big sis's" house where I received a major butt chewing because of my attitude I came home and checked my e-mail. There was a comment on my blog from my favorite blogger Ann@HolyExperience.

Even when I quit.... He's still working.

I was shocked and in awe. It was the last straw and the tears started to fall. I gave up the fight and just laid at His feet with a heart full of shame and longing for His grace to wash over me. He didn't even hesitate. He is always giving out grace, free of charge... on the house... and with no strings attached. And to receive it all I have to do is ask.

I asked.

He gave.

Once again the Almighty wraps me in His arms. He holds me while I cry and reassures His love for me. He knows the battle is hard, He knows my weary heart. He gently reminds me that here in His arms is the only way to make it through the storm. 

I picked myself up, dried the tears and whispered a thank you to my Father. I'm back where I belong. I'm not letting the rain drag me down anymore. I'm letting it wash over me, letting His grace cover me. Drinking in all that I can, allowing Him to renew my spirit. Ans slowly the Son starts to shine through again. Peaking through the dark clouds, rays beaming through the rain, revealing the beauty of grace.

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