Saturday, June 5, 2010

Willing or unwilling

Much of our difficulty stems from our unwillingness to take God as He is and adjust our lives accordingly.
A.W. Tozer       

Louie Giglio tweeted this quote the other day and I have spent some time pondering on it. Two questions I find myself asking.

Do I take God as He is, or how I want Him to be?

Do I adjust my life according to Him, or do I adjust my view of Him to fit my life?

The answer... really I don't know. I'd like to say that I take God as He is, but I'm afraid that all too often (maybe even without realizing it) I only see Him how I want Him to be. Sometimes I find myself in the shoes of Job's wife instructing him to curse God and die. Instead I should be more like Job who realizes that we cannot only take the good from God.

I truly seek to adjust my life according to Him. Honestly, I do. It is the true desire of my heart to live wholeheartedly for Him, not wishing to hold anything back.

I want to be like David, who was called a man after God's own heart.

I want to be like Job who takes what God hands him, good or bad, and praises Him.

The last 24 hours have been interesting to say the least. Not sure what God has in store. I know that whatever it is it will be far better then I expect. It may not happen now... it may happen soon.... but it will happen. God promises to answer... to provide... to move.

The question is not will He move.... but if I will.

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Amber Dawn said...

I love this post today so much! We are going through the book "Plan B" at our church and it talks about similar situations. Also, I love Francine River's other books as well...Hadassah was the most amazing picture of a humble heart!