Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still Counting.....

Well Monday came and went without a second to spend on the computer so here is my multitude Monday post.


A movie night with three young girls

A clean movie that was also well made with a good plot

Friends who not only encourage me but will also call me out when my attitude is sour

A Father who grabs my attention and softens my heart before by talk with friends

A God who will not allow me to stay in my rebellion

Forgiveness, even when I am so undeserving

Watching two friends exchange vows and begin a journey together

Cool water on my toes in the river after a hot afternoon

Singing 2 young girls to sleep 2 nights in a row

Prayers for best friends with a best friend

A shopping day with my mom and sister

New clothes

Extra cash to spend on earrings(:

An encouraging text from my dad

The best dad I could ever ask for

Giving and receiving encouragement from a young "brother" in Christ

Snuggles with baby Ben

holy experience

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