Monday, May 31, 2010

Gratitude Monday

Renewing.... Refreshing.... Convicting.... Fun.... Wild and Crazy.... Restful....

That was my weekend.

Now, a new week begins and I'm going to begin it with giving thanks to Him.


Grace... so much given to me that it is a must that I give it out freely and often

A broken heart which allows His spirit to enter in

Songs that reach deep into the core of my heart


A God who listens to my prayers

A God who answers my prays

For an answer to prayer that is bringing a little girl home where she belongs

Friends who pray with you


A long commute to work

My Sunday school class full of loud boys who make me smile every week

Yesterday's sermon and the way God spoke to me... renewing my spirit.... reminding me that He cares and loves me.

His unfailing love

A God who fights the battle so that I don't have to

Monday holidays which allows all of us to stay early into the morning at the Pavatt's

Friends who come to your rescue

A warm summer day, perfect for swimming

Rope swings

A log perfect for sitting on in the creek

Tucking in little ones at bedtime

Leading a 4 and 5 year old in prayer for my baby brother cuz we miss him

Listening to those same 2 girls sing "Love came down"

Their sweet voices telling their Father "I am Yours, forever Yours"

A clean house

A good cup of coffee

Fresh strawberries

His hands holding mine every step of my day

1 comment:

Paula said...

I am very happy that you and Tracy had a good, peaceful, and relaxing Sunday. When I come home we will have to hit those rope swings again.