Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another rainy Saturday

So its another rainy day at the lot. Last night another series of storms came thundering across the state. Another night of peaceful sleep while the rain fell all around. There is a strong chance of another line coming again tonight. Have I mentioned that I LOVE rain, especially thunderstorms. I could do without the tornadoes that destroyed some parts of the state, leaving many without homes this morning. I am so thankful that the storms stayed clear of Greenbrier.

I was a little late to work this morning. When I arrived at my parents house I was gratefully surprised by a little voice yelling "Kaffer!!" My three year old nephew had spent the night at Poppy's and Mimi's. I LOVE that little boy more then I ever imagined that I could love a child. He is a very special boy and the best reminder of just how amazing God is. He is the joy of our family and spoiled to the core:) He was so excited to see me.. and immediately decided that we had to go play with his toys. I sadly had to tell him that I couldn't, that Kaffer had to go to work. I was rushing to get out the door, because of course I kept lingering around, soaking up every moment with this sweet little boy, I remembered that I needed to borrow a book from my mom to take with me to the lot. Ryan jumped up off the couch and ran over to his pile of books and said, "Here Kaffer, you can take my book!" It is moments like that which make your heart melt. Simple statements of a giving heart from one who is only been on this earth for a short while. There was no hesitation in his voice, he was excited at the chance to share his book with his aunt. He heard me voice a need, saw that he could help me, and immediately jumped up to do so.

Isn't that how was as Christians should be? Shouldn't we jump up at the opportunity to help others? Not just help but do so with an excited, joyful attitude. So often we help others out of obligation. After all Christ told us to help one another. It's one of those things that has crept onto our "Christian check list," just another way that I have done my Christian duty for the month. We as Christians, as followers of the One who never hesitates to help us, we need to develop an attitude more like that of my nephews. Even if it is something as simple as a book.

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