Tuesday, May 25, 2010

His glory unnoticed

Who among the gods is like you, O LORD?
Who is like you-
Exodus 15:11

As I was driving though town today running some errands for my boss I saw a yellow car and a smile broke out on my face. Familiar with the game "skittle?" I wasn't until just recently. The Pavatt kids taught it to me. It's real easy... when you see a yellow car just shout "skittle!" I play it often when I'm in the car with them. Sunday I was with another group of kids playing the same game, and so today when I was driving I saw a yellow car and smiled... I shouted "skittle!" 
Even though no one heard me. 
Then I heard His voice.
How often do I look for the "skittles" throughout my day?
Those things that stand out and scream loudly His glory?

They're everywhere... If I take the time to notice them.
The Bible states that every man is without excuse... we all are given the chance to know Him. His glory is revealed all around us.
We are all without excuse.

I am without excuse. 

 Do I take notice of the way He decorates His world?

Do I notice even the littlest detail... like the way a flower is so perfectly knitted together by the same hands that knit me together.
Am I thankful for those small details that I love so much?
Do I take time to give Him credit... or do I think that He already knows?
He does... but He loves to hear me say thanks. He loves to hear me give Him the glory. He loves to hear me praise Him because He loves me. His relationship with me is important to Him.
He longs to hears my voice.... and in return I will hear His.

Men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see Him. Indeed His essence is incomprehensible... But upon His individual works He has engraved unmistakable marks of His glory, so clear and so prominent that even unlettered... folk cannot plead the excuse of ignorance... Wherever you cast your eyes, there is no spot in the universe wherein you cannot discern at least some sparks of glory."
~John Calvin

He is impossible to miss.

The Heavens declare the GLORY of GOD;
the skies proclaim the WORK of HIS hands.
Psalm 19:1

How can you not see Him?
Does one really believe that all this beauty just happened?

So what about you?

What about me?

Do you notice Him.... do I notice Him?

How about this one? 
Do you... do I.... take TIME to notice Him?

Do I really give Him the glory that is due to Him?

If you.... If I.... am not seeking Him, than what am I... you... seeking? 

You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13


Paula said...

I love this! I was thinking about it today when driving into Alabama. I haven't seen these mountains in a long time, and I am blessed to be able to see them with green trees on them. Also, the other night when I was watching some fireflies. I miss you very much. I will see you soon, and I will update soon.

Doug said...

Love it. Thanks for the idea. I think maybe when I am out driving with my six kids we can should out to God whenever we see something that points to his glory. Now what to shout out is the question? Thanks again.