Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So just a little while ago I submitted my final paper. After today there are no more deadlines, no more assignments, no more papers to be written, no more discussion boards to write on, no more tests, and no more school!! I don't think it has hit me just yet. When I get back there will be no more papers to write at work... not more wondering what is due next. No more thinking about what the next class will be like. No more!! I don't think you understand how weird this will be for me. For the last 19 years of my life I have been in school. All my life I have ended school in May only to experience a short summer break. Not anymore... nope... I am not registered for any classes this fall (my dad is soooo happy). Of course I am thinking this will only be a short break. Unless I get married, which is not at all in the plans, I will get another degree. I'm thinking a MA in counseling. Maybe a PhD after that..lol. Only God knows(:

For now I am going to sit back and enjoy the summer.
My summer to do list:
  •   Spend time loving on some kids... all 9 of the ones that God has so graciously put in my life to shower affection on. 
  • Steal the nephew for a whole weekend(:
  • Many random sleepovers with the Pavatt kids
  • go to the zoo with at least one of my kids
  • Stay up late with girlfriends.. and their crazy husbands
  • go to Dallas to see a good friend before she gets married
  • hold Ben soon after he enters this world
  • talk long walks with Strider
  • Ride more often
  • Teach Romeo how to jump
  • Finish the many art projects I have started
  • go to the park and swing just because
  • see my little brother become a man
  • Run with Romeo...bareback
  • go to a horse show at least once
  • find some odd jobs to pay for a horse show(:
  • learn to pray more 
  • find ways to love on my Sunday school kids better
  • memorize some Scripture 
  • Complete my "Trust in the Lord" door
  • go to some flea markets with my sis
  • get to know my brother-in-law better
  • go on a "date" with my dad
  • go shopping with my mom
  • and sooo much more.....

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