Thursday, May 6, 2010

A long gallop

There is not much that can compare to a spontaneous, bareback ride on an old friend. Tuesday night after dinner I got this sudden urge to go for a ride. The weather was perfect, and the sun just about gone from the sky. This wasn't an evening for a training session with the young one, nope I wanted to just go for a worry free ride and for that my trusted old mare was the right choice. It's been twelve years almost exactly since that glorious day when I received my first horse, little did I know that she would one day become my most trusted friend, she knows all my deepest secrets.

There is a bond between us that runs as deep as the ocean. She knows my thoughts and I know hers. There is a trust there that cannot be broken. We have been on many adventures together and overcome a multitude of obstacles. God has used her to teach me countless lessons on patience, determination, confidence, leadership, self-control and so many others. We haven't always been able to trust each other. Both of us were just mere adolescence when our friendship began and we spent much of the first years arguing with one another. As the years went by we slowly learned that we were on the same team and ever so slowly the tight bond was woven.

That evening I was searching for the path that would allow me to forget the troubles of the past week. An escape from the loneliness that had been plaguing me. I headed out to the pasture with simply a blanket and her halter. She knew what it was that I needed. She stood patiently as I fasten the halter and tied the lead rope to the sides. We walked out of the gate and I jumped to her back. For awhile we just leisurely strolled around my parents property soaking in the final warmth of the day, as we watched the sun slowly fade behind the trees. We moved on to the neighbors tall, unkept pasture and I smiled as the grass tickled my bare feet. We hit the stretch where we often take our gallops and I smiled as Dutch tugged on the rope, asking to be let loose. Eventually, I gave in. I wrapped my legs around her warm belly, grabbed a handful of her flowing mane and let the rope loose. With a toss of her head she took off. Away we went, tearing across the green earth, the only noise was the sound of the wind in my face and her hooves on the ground. The feel of her muscles beneath me was powerful; breathtakingly so. Its the feeling of absolute freedom, nothing could touch us. The worries of the week were gone, there was no way they could keep up with us. As quickly as it came it was over. She slows down and we once again returned to a leisurely walk. The fireflies were now out and the whole sky was full of their soft, blinking lights. It's was my first taste of summer. It's almost here. There will be many more long night. Many more quiet rides to ease all my worries.
 I am thankful for a God who gives me such an escape. A God who values peace and quiet even more so then I do.

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