Monday, August 16, 2010

What Faith really is....

"This is what faith really is:
believing, not with the head or the lips or out of habit, but believing with one's whole life. It means seeking community with ....
Christ in every situation in life."
Jurgen Moltmann


Friends to stay out late with

A dollar movie

Realizing that summer is almost over and quickly trying to cram as many late nights out we can:-)

Hearing two little girls get overly excited at having some "Kaffer time"

The amazing power of persuasion silly bandz hold

A shopping outing with a "lil sis"

Hearing about my nephew's immense love for horses, he takes after his aunt:-)

Knowing that that horse God has blessed me with for so many years is used to bless others

Teenage girls and all their joy

Enjoying the first preseason game

Gearing up for the start of football season!!

Words from a little girl visiting my SS class that just makes me laugh

The eagerness of some young girls who are soooo excited that I am letting them come help me pack

Going through old boxes full of memories

Laughing with friends about things from the past

The bittersweet feelings of seeing everything going in boxes

Two new daisies blooming

Fun adventures with lil mis embery

Hearing my roommate excited voice as she tells me all the plans she has for us to ride when I move

Planning a fall camping trip

Soaking in His grace

Sweet songs of praise lifted up to Him

Pondering on His greatness, yet His closeness and wondering how a God so big can also be a God so close.

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Amber Dawn said...

Thank you Thank you Kat...I was so excited I hugged my manager lol :)Probbbably not exactly work appropriate but I didn't care. :)