Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Praising Him for multitudes of blessings

Yes... I am aware that it has been over a week... and that I have yet to count my blessings this week. I have several posts that I am currently working on and since I am sitting here at work with nothing to do I think today is the perfect day to finish them and post them.

First off... I need to remember all the amazing blessings He has sent my way this week.


An almost empty house

Extra days at work

A week and a half till the first Razorback game!!! Go Hogs!!!

Two and a half weeks till the first Pats game!!!!

Two and a half weeks till Romeo's first show.... YIKES!!!!

Friends to help move

A butt chewing from God that when I finally listened turned out to be ok

A fun Sunday afternoon drive with 2 great friends

Funny faces with Embery

A chance to be one of God's angels to a pregnant lady who needed a ride

Praying with that lady, hoping that we left a lasting impression that will lead her to His feet

Celebrating a little girls 6th birthday... oh how time flies

Throwing a beach ball around with the nephew, in his bedroom, when I was supposed to be putting him to bed.... shhhh.... don't tell his mom:-)

The smell of leather in my new tack room

The view from my new kitchen window.... it consists of a pasture with horses (soon mine will be back there), the arena (with lights and jumps!!), and a barn:-):-):-)

New curtains... a new rug... and a new pillow

A bareback ride with my best mare which helped relieve some stress.

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