Friday, August 27, 2010

New Friend Friday

It is absolutely gorgeous here in AR today. We finally have some relief from the horrible heat that seemed to never end. This 90 degree weather feels a bit chilly compared to the 100+ temps that we have been experiencing. The only problem is I'm stuck in the office:-( I don't mind being stuck inside when the temp is boiling (literally) hot but when its feels perfect... not so much.

So random, spontaneous news just came in.... a friend needs someone to ride with her to AL. It would be a 12 hour round trip. Leave this evening after I get off and get back in time for the Charlie Hall concert tomorrow at 6:-) sounds crazy!!! First thing... got to see if bosses daughter can cover for me tomorrow as I am supposed to be working. Fingers crossed-praying silently-secretly jumping up and down at the very possibility.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE road trips?? Maybe love isn't strong enough. Road trips are one oh my fav things to do. I love to see the country... to ride with the windows down.... to listen to music and sing at the top of my lungs:-) And a road trip with 2 friends make it even better. When I lived in VA for the year I went to grad school I would make the 12 hour trip home often. In fact that first semester I came home at least once a month if not more... my baby brother was a senior and first year starting kicker for the varsity football team... and of course had to make it to a few Razorbacks game:-) So.... needless to say I want to go on this trip super bad!!!! All this moving has made me a little stressed and a road-trip is the perfect cure. 

New Friend Fridays


Vic said...

i love road trips too....maybe we should get together and go on one through this blog...(virtual) what do ya think:) happy friday

Amber Dawn said...

I want to go along!!! :)

The Tickled Diva said...

Hi Kat,

It is no accident that I am the link up beneath you. I want to encourage you not to give up or lose heart. Stay focused He knows the desires of your heart down to the minute detail. God has that husband waiting just for you and when you are both ready you will meet at that divinely appointed time. I am a living testimony to that. I am also a Christian SAHM, homeschooling mom of 3. Connect with me and I will give you my personal testimony about what God did for me. Following from New Friend Fridays.

Surndr said...

hmmm, me thinks I know where exactly you went...Hope you had fun.