Wednesday, August 25, 2010 sitting... fractured toe

Sorry about the neglect here lately. Let's just say that life has been a bit hectic the last few weeks.

I HATE moving... the word hate is not strong enough for my feelings toward moving.

Everything... er... well... almost everything is out of my old house, which is awaiting the deep cleaning that is required to get my deposit back by next Monday night. I took 2 extra days of work this week (what was I thinking??).  My parents have left for 2 weeks... my brother has left for 5 months... so that leaves me to care for their house, plus look out for my lil sis. Which wouldn't be that bad except for the fact that my life is in boxes... my bed is in pieces... my clothes are in bags... and I can't find my Bible.

If life wasn't already stressful enough... my dog went and fractured his toe... no, I'm not kidding. My dog has fractured his toe. It's not funny, well sorta, but not in the haha funny way. This dog is a survivor of heart worms and lime disease. I informed him that this is not to become a habit. We are not switching from deadly diseases to broken bones. He has used up his life savings already so there's no more vet money with his name on it. Period!! I'm done. He cannot do this anymore.

The vet said he should heal just fine... he could put a splint on it which won't speed up the healing process but might make it less painful... just one problem... it can't get wet he said. LOL... right... my lab/golden retriever stay dry... you have got to be kidding me. The dog could be on his death bed yet would still find some way to get soaking wet. I told him that I think it would be beast just to leave him be. Good thing I did... that x-ray + pain meds was enough to make me want to cry. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't just paid the horses $300 vet bill the day before...sigh... when it rains it pours right. That is what savings accounts are for (I have to keep telling myself that).


Amber Dawn said...

Ohhh Kat. Big hug. That does not sound like a very fun week at all. Poor puppy. I genuinely hope that is the last of your vet bills for a very long time and his little toe heals quickly and painlessly!

Mrs. K said...

A friend from church has a theory, the pouring rain will stop when the money runs out! I don't know if that's supposed to comfort you, but I know he clings to it. Ha! Pets are expensive, aren't they? One of our dogs just recently had laser eye surgery and the other had a bad cough. We dropped 600 bucks in one day on them. Crazy!

~*Kristina_Marie*~ said...

Oh, Kat! I am so sorry! How in the world did that crazy lab of yours fracture his toe?
I hope things get to going better for you. Give me a call sometime.
I sure miss ya--kinda got spoiled on seeing you more often there for a while.
Love ya, girl.