Monday, August 30, 2010

Multitude Monday

Well... the weekend is over:-( Back to reality!! I am officially no longer a resident of that small little town I grew to love and very sad to leave it behind for now. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll officially be living in my new home. At least the bed is put together... it might be covered in boxes... but hey I can't be picky, right??

It's Multitude Monday and this week I'm changing things up... just for once:-)


I love that the God I serve is BIG

I love that my ways are not His ways

I love His sense of humor

I love Him

I love my amazing friends that have been through so much with me and still put up with me

I love meeting new people

I love when my first impression of someone turns out to be wrong... in a good way of course

I love road trips

I love that God put three extremely sassy people... in a truck.... for 9 hours

I love worshiping in the car... loudly!!!

I love worshiping with friends

I love that God sends chaos our way to remind us that it's all about Him

I love that He usually ignores the advice I give Him

I love that He knows best

I love it when friends help each other out

I love it when He changes my mind so that I might see His plan more clearly

I love being nosy

I love getting to know who people really are

I love talking about Him with others

I love seeing growth in others

I love unexpected talks in a driveway

I love having sleepovers with the p's girls

I love waking up to those girls crawling in bed with me

I love that someday I'll be woken up like that on a regular basis

I love how counting these blessings work on my hard heart

I love that He never stops caring

I love that He knows me

I love that He calls me His own... His daughter... His princess... His loved one

I love making pancakes with the p kids

I love watching a 6 yr old over joyed at the successful attempt at cracking an egg for the first time

I love that He asks us to look for joy in the small things

I love snow cones in the summer

I love hardworking kids who work with smiles on their faces

I love that He takes us out of comfort zones so that we might grow closer to Him

I love He hears my prayers

I love that He is faithful

I love that He loves me

I love Him

I love Him

I love Him

Whom have I in heaven but You?
And earth has nothing I desire besides You.
Psalm 73:21

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