Thursday, September 2, 2010

Never Alone

I love that He is personal... and that He speaks to me in ways that I understand. In ways that I can relate too.

This song has been out for some time now, yet it seems that lately it is always playing when I turn on the radio.

Sometimes our feelings betray us... sometimes He feels far way. At times.... it even feels as if He has abandoned us.

Have you've been there?

I have.

I'm not currently there... but I know some of you are.

There are days that I cry out to Him and I get no reply, days when I feel as if I'm walking this road alone. Emotions can be misleading, a tool the enemy uses to plant doubt deep inside.

He is a part of me.... He and I are one. Never to be separated... for all of eternity I will be with Him. There has never been a day.. a second...  since that day 10 years ago that I have walked alone.

It doesn't matter what your feelings are telling you.

He is there.

He is here.

Always and forever.... holding onto you.... step by step guiding you.

Rest in that simply, yet profound fact. Take it to heart. Hold tight to that when loneliness creeps in and tries to drag you down.

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