Monday, September 13, 2010

Multitude Monday

Last week was a long one. A lot of crazy things mixed with a lot of great things. I see God at work but it sure is crazy.

# 401-425

A great friend

Cool morning and a light rain

Good football games

My iphone

A great kickoff for Awana's

Text messages

The anticipation of NFL starting


Late night talks

A long trailride

A roommate who shares my love of horses

Canned peaches

Getting paid to watch SEC football

A Saturday morning at work which begins with coffee and college gameday

Finding the perfect shirt for my nephew, "I don't come with mute button" if only you knew just how perfect it fits this 3 year old :-)

Butterflies on the trail

A few more boxes unpacked

A training schedule

Goals for the upcoming horse show

Friendly competition

Early morning feeding of the horses... all tucked in their dry stalls munching on grain while rain pours all around

Knowing that He is my all in all

Late night pondering's

A God who cares enough to lecture me when I'm wrong

The peace that is given when I finally give in to His ways

holy experience

1 comment:

Amber Dawn said...

Thanks for your comments Kat!

I love this post, AWESOME blessings! However, everytime I read about your trail rides, etc I miss my horses. :( I hope someday God allows us to get horses again. :)