Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He is because He is

How do you know Him?

Don't ask me how I know Him.

I know Him because I do.

It might not make sense to you... but it does to me.

He is there because He is.

He is there because I can feel Him.... I can see Him... I can hear Him.

He and I are one. The Maker lives inside His creation. In their hearts.... in their soul.... closer to them then their very own skin.

My very breath depends on Him.

I see His hands in all creation.

How do you know He exists... you can't see Him.

Don't tell me He doesn't exist.

How can you look up at the stars and question their Maker?

How can you look at a newborn and not see the image of the One in who we are created to be like?

Do you really believe that all this happened by chance... that we really came from nothing?

What if your wrong??

What if your wrong??

I may not have all the answers but I know truth.

It is rather simple.... He is truth.

He is the I AM... upon which everything stands on.

Apart from Him there is no truth... no light... no life.

I do not know... can not know everything about Him.

But I do know this....

I am not wrong.


Red Letter Believers said...

Beautiful post. I do love Creation!

Melissa Campbell said...

"My very breath depends on him." -- This is the blessing we gain from going through trials--we realize we are nothing without Him. This is our story--the testimony of Jesus. Thank you for sharing yours. Many blessings to you, friend.