Monday, January 3, 2011

A new year, a strange beginning

The year begins in a strange way... at home.

For the past few years I have been here, worshiping our Savior with thousandslistening and learning from those who seek after Him, praying with brothers and sisters I had never met, and changing the world.

I will never forget my second time at Passion. It was the beginning of a year that would forever change my life.... a year of hardships, a year of new birth (my nephew), and a year when I finally started to grasp what it means to truly seek after Him... to truly pursue loving Him.

I remember that week like it was yesterday... the fun memories made on the road trip with friends, the speaker who introduced me to a crazy love, those late nights crying and struggling with how to handle a family situation, and His voice reassuring.... strengthening my faith.

Yesterday the alarm failed and so did my internal clock so church was missed. Instead of worshiping with my family I turned on the computer and watched a replay of Saturday's evening session. I sat there on my bed, hands raised, singing to Our God, the One who stands for me and fights for me. I listened to Louie speak to a crowd well over 20,000 strong encouraging them to live for Him. I sat and listened, sad to not be there alongside my brothers and sisters yet thankful for the technology to still here the messages.

I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the great things that I have heard so far and the ones that are still yet to come. To hear the words for yourself go here... but hurry the sessions are only there for a day or two.

Passion is something I hold dear to my heart. The ministry of 268 generation that puts on the conferences each year is doing great things to further His kingdom.... their name... their motto, comes from Isaiah 26:8, look familiar?? It should... it's where this humble space I call home gets it's name from.

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