Saturday, January 8, 2011


Driving and listening to a favorite band and a line is sung that I can't let out of my mouth without first making sure it is true.
"I love everything about You."
And ask myself if I can truly say this. Yes, I love Him, but do I love everything about Him?

And then this was tucked in my reader this morning and I heard Him ask me whose dreams am I following... His, or mine?

And then that song.... and I hear Him whisper... "Do you love that I have dreams for you? Do you love that those dreams are different then yours?"

I realize that I often ask for Him to fulfill my dreams, and rarely do I ask what His dreams are for me. I fail to realize that not seeking out His dreams hurts only me. It limits what I can do for Him.

I think back on one of the Passion messages, the one that hit the closest to home. It came from the lovely Beth Moore, a woman who seeks after His heart, her messages are full of His love, His voice.

She says that the enemy tries to convince us that we are more free without God, that the dreams... the plans... He has for us will somehow limit us.

It comes down to this... either I am following His dreams, or the enemies. Because my dreams come from my flesh... and my flesh is desperately wicked seeking only its own desires. I think about yesterday's post about appetites and I think on the story I have yet to post about. Am I ruling my appetites or do they rule me? Am I thinking about the eternal or the immediate?

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Linda said...

It is nice to meet you Kat. Thank you so much for your kind comment.
I can readily identify with what you're saying (and I'm a Grandmother, who you would think would have all these things worked out by now!).
I have been praying that I will draw so close to Him that His dreams will become mine. I know it is true - His dreams are best, for He knows me better than I know myself and He loves me with such limitless love.