Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the season..... for pondering

Driving in car, listening to a favorite album and doing a whole lot of thinking.

The incarnation consumes my thoughts.. for days now I can't stop pondering on. The theologian in me desperately wants to grasp the complexity of it. I know it is impossible here on this earth, with this mind, but someday I will.

The question why... how.... they are asked. But the one I cannot stop asking is, "What was it like?"

What was it like to be fully man/baby.... and yet fully God?
Was the cross on Your mind the moment You slipped into this world?
Did You remember carefully knitting each and every face that came to see You that night?

I want to know how it worked??

Was Your mind that of an infant, or that of the One who has always been?
Did Your eyes work like that of an baby, or did could You still see the unseen?
Were You confined to a body or where You still working alongside the Father creating the very souls that would one day crucify You?

Did You know that the whole world was resting on You shoulders?

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