Sunday, March 6, 2011


So much to share. I am currently reading Ann's book and my fav band released a new cd so be prepared for a lot of Ann Voskamp quotes and many songs written by Red:-)

Other then that there is not much to report. The roomie and I are building fences and tearing up pastures to be reseeded, and in between trying to keep the horses in training as show season is quickly approaching so I am exhausted!!!!

I went to winter jam last night and had a blast!! Although they only let Red and Crowder play 4 songs so it felt like a tease:-( Red was AMAZING!!!! Here's a little secret you might not have known about me...... I love hardcore(but only Red). 

Crowder was a much needed worship time. I wish they could of played all night. I love it when your worshiping and you feel as though your body is constraining your feelings and you just wish you could go up to heaven and stay worshiping at His throne forever:-) Heaven is going to be FANTASTIC!!!!!

Well that's all.... just wanted to jump on for a quick minute:-) Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to get on here and actually post on a Monday:-0

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Kari Ann said...

Worship is my absolute favorite time with God! :) Speaking of, you have an AMAZING playlist on your blog. I listened to it for quite awhile.

I am now a follower. : )