Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend update

It's been a busy week and I have been preoccupied with other things so updating here just hasn't happened. So today's post is just an update on the randomness of life.

For starters, I love blogging :-) and I love my horses :-) and like any mom, I could spend all day talking about my "children" but that topic just doesn't seem to fit over here at this blog, so..... I started a new one :-) for anyone interested you can follow here to keep updated on that part of my life.

Time to share a something that is making me crazy. I can't ride :( and I'm kinda depressed about it. That's one of the reasons for my new blog, if I can't ride then I can write about riding right!! You see that fall, or rather shot to the ground that I experienced the other day left me pretty beat up. The bruise on my arm was almost gone and my back was feeling much better so last Sat I saddled up Mr Romeo (after doing thorough ground work and making sure some of the wild energy was already released) and worked him for a bit. Everything went great, mister was an angel and the lesson was very productive. However later that night my lower back was in an enormous amount of pain. This was quite puzzling to me. I have lower back problems, due to a fall many years ago, I have had 2 rounds of pt and am now able to manage it well. In fact, riding makes it better and I always feel better after a ride, so needless to say this pain was troublesome.

As it turns out I suffered a deep muscle bruise on my lower back from the fall. By the way... those things hurt.... really badly!! Much worse then a broken arm. Kinda wishing that was my injury. So far I have not found anything that helps speed up the healing process for a deep muscle bruise, everything I read just says rest. That is the one thing I hate to do. I am one who always pushes through pain and ignores it. However, doing that with a deep muscle bruise will actually make it worse and there are  some serious things that can happen if you don't care for it. So..... all week I have watched my beauties from afar dreaming of the day I  can get back out there.

To top it off... the usual 100 degree weather we have in July was in the low 90's all last week and part of this week. Now that I am finally starting to feel better the temp shoots back up. Go figure :-p Sigh... yes, I'm pouting. The latter part of this week has been relatively pain free so that's a good sign. I've taken it easy and rested a whole lot. My goal is to ride early Wed morning. We'll see if I can.

Also a prayer request.... I'm looking for another part-time job. I need one that fits in with my current job but still allows me a day off other then Sun so I can teach riding lessons, oh and I really need to find 2 more students to teach, PTL for the one that I currently have! Teaching lessons has always been a dream of mine and the only way to keep my mare is for her to earn her keep which she is currently doing :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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