Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My prayer

I'm standing... staring.... the wall is before me.

He's standing there too. 

Side by side we stare at it. That wall is big.... much time has been spent building it. He lovingly looks at me. He bends down.

The Almighty lowers Himself off the throne of heaven and meets me where I am. 

His hand touches my shoulder.... He looks past my eyes, deep into my soul. "It must come down." I hang my head and nod... yes, I know that it does. I look up, into His eyes glistening with tears. He knows that I really like that wall... and that tearing it down will hurt. He knows what I cannot see.

That amongst the tears and the pain, there is hope.... joy.... love.

He pulls me close, wrapping me up in arms that are strong. He reminds me that yes, there will be pain, however HE is not going anywhere. I do not have to tear down the wall alone. The hardships, the loneliness, the fear, that is ahead will come but He will be right there by my side, holding me, every step of the way. He pulls away and stands up, still looking at me with complete adoration and love.

He holds out His hand.

I look up, into the very eyes of the One who created me, loves me, knows me. Will I take His hand? Am I willing to let the wall fall? Will I trust Him?

All I have to do is hold His hand... He will do the rest.

Father, give me a willing heart, spirit. I want to take your hand. I want to trust you. Destroy the flesh within me that fights so hard to remain in control. Give me strength to do the right thing. Give me faith that I might trust in You, and You alone. I don't want to be broken but I know that I must be. Break me down, draw me closer to You. Stir in me the desire to desire You. Overwhelm me with Your love, with Your grace.


Karen said...

What a beautiful illustration of God's love. Oh, if I would just remind myself of all the wasted time and tears and energy it takes to build my walls and how fast they will crumble down, I probably would stop myself before I mortar that first brick. But I don't believe God wastes anything and He may even use those crumbled bricks to build something beautiful.

Thank you for sharing....

TabithaVenasse said...

Wow, that was absolutely beautiful,

I think I could take a few lessons from this post about breaking down my own walls.

Thanks for sharing :)

Katie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

Lovely post, and lovely blog background as well!

LaVonne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. Stop by again anytime.

Happy Weekend!

Hannah Jo said...

Hey Kat! Thanks for visiting and the encouragement. I am now following your blog...I totally relate to the fighting with God's plan....but I can honestly say that once you realize what he has going on it makes the journey worth it!

Looking forward to reading more!

~*Kristina_Marie*~ said...

Kat, thank you. Thank you for your words--words from your own brokenness that God is using to teach me. And apparently, by these comments, I am not the only one! Continue to use this blog for His glory! You amaze me, Kat. Thanks for your comment. It is a topic I am very passionate about...and one that I have received a great deal of persecution from my family over. But you are very right. We are to be fools for Christ, as Paul was. The world will think us crazy, because we are so different from them! Thank you for your encouragement and friendship.
I love you and would love to go to the park sometime. Umm, when it's not raining. :)