Saturday, July 3, 2010

The walls we build....

Everywhere you go there are walls...

Walls like those in a house, are there to protect us, shelter us. They are meant to keep things in... or out.

We build, live in walls all our lives.  

There are walls inside of us as well. 

Some walls are good... some walls are bad.

He builds up walls around us. After all He is the shepherd, and a shepherd builds walls to protect His flock from the things unseen. 

Sheep are by nature unable to make wise choices for themselves, they are, and will forever be in need of their shepherd to tell them where to go, what to eat, for without his guidance they are doomed.

The walls built by Him... by the Great Shepherd, are good walls.

Sometimes I build walls.

To protect myself... to hide myself... in order to avoid things I don't want to see.

These walls are not built by Him, for Him.

These walls MUST come down. They stand in the way of the Shepherd, make it so I cannot see Him.

Maybe that's why I build them. 

Some walls are put up quickly and come down quickly.

Other walls are put up one brick at a time... slowly.... cemented together. This wall will not come down easily. It cannot be taken apart the way it was put up. No, this wall must be demolished, broken down and sometimes it's painful. There is a big mess left to clean up. The effects of that wall will linger. The pieces must be picked up and cast away. 

 It's hard work... cleaning up that big of a mess. There are times when I really just want it to go back up, after all the hole leaves me exposed and vulnerable.

I don't like to feel exposed or vulnerable. 
Like or not the wall will come down. He will destroy it... with or without my help. It's in my best interest to help Him. As my mom often told me growing up, "He will do what He must to make you into His image. He cares more about your holiness then your happiness." I can choose to remove the stones, or start building it again, but He will keep molding me, time and time again. 

I am so thankful that my Father cares about me enough to keep tearing down the walls I build. He won't let me hide from Him. He won't rest until I give in. Till I am finally willing to remove every speck of that wall.

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