Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The days have been long.

The days have been dark.

Rain has poured, thunder has rolled through and lightening has struck with the intention to cause as much harm as possible.

Relationships are torn, emotions gain the upper hand and darkness has covered the land.

The Son is covered, roads are washed out. Trees, whose roots run deep, are snapped in two. And as the roots that once held the soil in its place are torn free a mass of earth races down and covers the land.

Vision is lost and hope is grim.

Yet there is hope.

Those washed out roads..... new ones can be built that lead to new places.

And trees...... well they can be replanted. New roots will form to hold together the soil and life will spring up from the displaced soil.

The Son... while it may be covered.... it is still there..... it is always there.

See that's the thing about storms..... they always seek to destroy. But the Son is always there, only hidden by clouds. It will be uncovered and it will bring forth new life. The storm.... well the storm eventually dies because it cannot out last the Son.

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